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In self defense ebook, you can find several popular self defense/ martial arts from different countries worldwide.

Capoeira (Brazilian)
The combination of the fight and dance, Capoeira is a martial perhaps the most beautiful to watch. Capoeira is a traditional martial arts system founded in Brazil by African slaves brought by the Portuguese to Brazil to work on large plantations. In ancient times they were put through exercises to the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments. Capoeira is not just become a culture, but also a national sport of Brazil, and the teachers of the country makes capoeira become continuously more international, teaching in student groups, a variety of fitness centers, small organizations, etc.

Judo (Japan)
Judo is found or established by Kano Jigoro, who is often bullied in childhood, around 1860 until 1870. By taking a variety of martial arts that developed the basic capabilities, Kano added throw technique to create judo. Judo is a word meaning "gentle way" which means utilize the opponent's strength against himself. Because of this principle, then Judoka should not be stronger than his opponent. The main focus is the Judo throws and locks the ground, rather than hitting or attacking.

Aikido (Japanese)
Aikido was introduced in the early 1900s, with his followers learn to use the power and energy to knock their opponents. The students are taught to maintain the condition of his attacker, and are taught to knock out without hurting. The use of weapons is also often found in aikido, and taught his followers to defend against sticks, swords and even knives.

Jujutsu (Japan)

When the Japanese samurai lose all weapons, they will switch to the use of Jujutsu. Jujutsu evolved to focus on throws, locks and overthrow themselves. But unlike other martial arts, Jujutsu more moves to any kind are allowed.

Ninjitsu (Japan)

This mysterious martial art used by the killer and the Japanese guerrilla fighters. Ninjitsu teaches a variety of ways to surprise your opponent and beat the opponent, with the direction of development for the kill. In addition to the feet, hands, also taught a variety of weapons, including slip and escape techniques effectively. So do you want to get this self defense ebook then?

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