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The following are tips on practical self-defense course that I can share. Perhaps these tips below seem cruel, but this is the real situation on the streets. There are a lot of techniques and tips in this self defense course. You don’t need to be a master to learn some of these tricks in below self defense course.

Opponent's face. Yes, most of the thugs are ugly. But do not look at his face, because that attack is the hands and feet, not his face. Stop staring at her face. If he thrust his face, then immediately take the opportunity to hurt his eyes.

Emotions. Human rampage will not become stronger. His attack would be more awesome. If the opponent is only one, it's good to provoke opponents, for example, with him on the face or back cursing. After the emotions provoked, his movements will be haphazard and difficult to control.

Knee and genitals. Use the kick only to attack these two points alone. If you kick too high, the opponent will be easily deflected. Conversely, if you kick to the lower portion, usually untrained thugs martial would not be able to defend themselves. If the opponent doing high kicks, the block by your hand while attacking the genitals or legs that are grounded on the ground.

Up and down attack. Do the attack hoax with alternated between the upper and lower attack. Usually thugs are not a martial artist. If we pretend to be attacked in the direction of his head, at most, he would prepare a double cover like a boxer. Well, that's the right moment to attack the knee or pubic! Likewise, if you do a feint attack towards the knee, and opponents greeted by lowering his hands, you should not hesitate to attack the opponent's eyes or ears.

Shinbone. Do not be too afraid of opponents who like to kick. If he spit kick, approached a little and knock shins with your elbow or arm muscles. Most likely he will moan in pain.

Distance. If your distance from your opponent tight enough, then it would be unwise to impose hitting and kicking. Use attack with elbows and knees. A little bit far may use punches, while the longer distances longer requires you to use a kick technique. Suitable distance to kick should not be used to attack the elbow, and vice versa. You will master self defense techniques by following self defense course above.

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