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learn self defense online

If you want to learn self defense at home online, first there is something you need to do. When we learn street fighting and combat styles, then we would have to learn to practice self defense. No matter both novice and senior even in training required to continue to learn and practice these skills.

Why do we need to learn self defense from home online continuously? Because without good and solid standing position is like a house without foundation. Because almost all styles have standing positions. So standing position is very important for learning martial arts at home online, especially karate lesson on this subject should start training seriously at a basic level.

In combat training there are even certain special moves to strengthen the standing position. With this exercise, the leg will be more robust tread in all positions because when we fight not fully able to determine the location of the battle, for example, we only want to fight in the flat areas or grassy areas only. Exercise the standing positions will be nice to be trained in slippery areas such as on a boat, another reinforcement method is by practicing on the sea with waves withstand the blow, this type of exercise should be careful. 

Standing position has a function that is essential in every attack, defense and avoidance measures, where all movement is summed up in the moment that have been formulated in each grade. Without sturdy standing positions then attacks will be weak in the absence of a strong backbone, as well as withstand the attack, without standing positions robust it will be easy to defeat our defense.

Kicking exercise is a little harder than the train punches and blocks. Some of the things that distinguish are the feet have a larger size compared to the hand, so to move it, requires greater effort, especially for those who have a large body size. Therefore it is important to learn about flexibility too.

Flexibility will be easy to be trained when it began to practice from an early age, but for the adult, it will require a longer time to train the flexibility. The next step is often doing leg exercises, either in the form of strengthening or stretching. Exercise of power is very important too, because if you just practice kicking without strengthening exercises it is very like the rubber that has always drawn so long so it will bloom and quickly break. Now you have known what actions that you need to prepare first to learn self defense online at home right now!

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